happinessRecently I have been thinking a lot about ‘living in the moment’, finding a better ‘work-life-balance’ and – dare I say it – ‘mindfulness’.¬† And then all of a sudden today I feel completely happy and ‘in the moment’. And I have not made any effort to ‘focus on my breathing’, ‘use all my senses’, or ‘consciously feel my body’ (let alone honour it for the sacred temple it is).

No it is just a gloriously uncomplicated day. I wake up quite late after an epic ten hour sleep and decide on a whim that eating five chocolate digestives makes for a lovely breakfast when washed down with three cups of strong milky tea. I finish off painting the room upstairs that I have been working on for the past three days and then plant some tulip bulbs still wearing my paint smeared jogging bottoms and a shapeless cardigan. A quick but lovely cappuccino and a cheese sandwich later and I am on my bike and on my way to the rowing club to coach my daughter’s team.


It is a totally lovely autumn day and the girls are all in a good mood (which is quite something for six twelve and thirteen year old girls).  The air is quiet, the sky blue, the trees are showing off the most beautiful autumnal colours I have seen (noticed?) in a long time. The day is mild enough for me to cycle along the canal without wearing a jacket. A whiff of manure from a nearby farm makes lift my spirits even further in a way only scents can.

My daughter is uncharacteristically generous when discussing my coaching abilities on the way back home. Which probably is a really smart move as I – also totally uncharacteristically – agree to clean her guinea pigs cage. Something that I not so long ago vowed I would never do, as the 12yo was the one who wanted the guinea pigs in the first place. Not me.


While Mr S., the 14yo and two of his mates watch the match between Manchester United and Manchester City I decide to totally ignore the pile of ironing and the overflowing laundry baskets and bake a cake. It turns out really well and the abundance of 14yo boys in our house this afternoon means everyone is digging in and I don’t feel any need to watch my waistline either. Nice!

After eating too much cake, it miraculously is five ‘o’ clock (already!). Time to light a fire and pour myself a glass of wine (Mr. S. sticks to beer). The children as it turns out, have actually done their homework, so we don’t need to raise our voices, which makes for a nice change on Sunday night.


Dinner consists of a hearty stew, concocted the night before by Mr. S., who invariably likes to take us through the steps to get to this perfect result. He also never tires of discussing how he could tweak the recipe to get an even better stew next time. The children and I happily oblige. It is just a totally uncomplicated, lovely and relaxed night. In fact just as uncomplicated, lovely and relaxed as the day has been.

So who needs mindfulness, when a good night’s sleep, some fresh air, scrumptious food and hanging out with your loved ones, can give you the exact same result? So here is to spending time doing uneventful things, hanging out at home and being totally unadventurous. Cheers!


What does a perfect day look like in your life? I would love to find out!


Besides being married to Mr. S, I am also the mum of a 13yo son and a 11yo daughter. For the past eight years we have lived in England, Italy and Switzerland. Our recent move back to the Netherlands, is posing some interesting questions for all of us. I write about the ups and downs of our repat life.

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