sustainable foods (glimpse)

Besides being married to Mr. S,  I am also the mum of a 13yo son and a 12yo daughter. For the past eight years we have lived in England, Italy and Switzerland. Our recent move back to the Netherlands, is posing some interesting questions for all of us.

The children are Dutch, but don’t remember ever having lived here. They now both attend Dutch schools for the first time in their lives! While Mr. S and I are both born and bred in the Netherlands, we – on occasion – feel strangely out of touch with our countrymen.

Instead of complaining though, we really try to celebrate the fact that living abroad has changed us. In case we find ourselves whining, we instantly turn to a can of Heineken, or some nice red wine. We also keep a generous supply of (Swiss) chocolate in the house. If only we could remember where we put it…

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